- ( i) ana, joined as an ending to a proper name, is the historical name of a collection of sayings, witticisms, judgments, notes or anecdotes which relate to the support of that name, either directly or go back to him as a source. Examples: Gallettiana, Husserliana Johnsoniana, Taubmanniana, Marquardtiana. The ending is of Latin origin and the plural the suffix- anum. So building called the Halle University " Thomasianum " and " Melanchthonianum ".


These types of collections appear in the 17th century first to have emerged in France ( Scaligerana, 1666) and was later imitated in Germany, Holland, Denmark, England and North America. A part could protect the public by the big names of the deceased before the censorship, often naming followed but just a fashion. Although this fashion has lost popularity in the late 19th century and is in the 20th century ( ReReleases apart ) completely asleep, but when crossword question enjoys " collection of sayings " unbroken popularity.