. ae is the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) of the United Arab Emirates. It exists since 1 December 1992, since 2010 there is also the Arabic top-level domain امارات / Imārāt ( xn -. Mgbaam7a8h in Punycode ). ., Allows the addresses in Arabic script.


The ending was introduced on 1 December 1992 and initially managed by the American company UUNET. In 1995, the Internet service provider Etisalat took over the business and changed its name as part of its branded UAEnic. Was not until early 2008. Ae on state regulatory authority for telecommunications ( Telecommunication Regulatory Authority or TRA) over. Ae is in the responsibility to this day. Purpose of the change was according to official figures, to promote the dissemination of. Ae domains.

The support internationalized domain names was initiated by UAEnic in 2004. The company developed the necessary technical platform jointly with the operators of country-code top -level domains of Qatar (. Qa ) and Saudi Arabia (. Sa).


Overall a must. Ae domain be between two and 63 characters and contain no special characters. The assignment is fully automated and is usually completed within one day. Any natural or legal person is entitled to register a. Ae domain, there are no particular limitations on the award.

Domains are allocated at the second, and on the third level. The latter are citizens and companies of the United Arab Emirates reserved, certain contributions may even be used only by public authorities. Basically, there are the following second- level domains: . Ac.ae for educational institutions, co.ae gov.ae for companies, for the government and mil.ae for the military, net.ae for Internet Service Providers, org. .. .. . ae for -profit organizations and. sch.ae for schools.


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