. ag is the country code top -level domain (ccTLD ) of the island nation of Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean. It exists since 3 September 1991.


At times, the contracting authority has the registration of some particularly valuable. Ag domains inhibited specifically, the reasons for this lock were not publicly known. In May 2002, the process has been reversed, with an impact of around 1,000 quality domains were free again. Among these were also the addresses of German companies such as Beiersdorf, Puma and Adidas.

Furthermore, the top-level domain is often marketed specifically for German stock corporations, which has led in the past multiple times to litigation. The Higher Regional Court of Hamburg decided in September 2003 by a process between the tip 24 AG and Moramis GmbH to the domain tipp.ag that an address with this extension may only be registered by German companies and the name of the address with the exact company of the Company must be the same as it is done in the commercial register. Also another corporation with limited liability may not use. Ag domains. The judgment of the Higher Regional Court of Hamburg has also been confirmed by the Federal Court in March 2005 and so legally.

In addition to the registration by joint-stock companies, the top-level domain is additionally of people and companies with respect to the canton of Aargau ( abbreviation AG).


Can be accepted on the second as well as third-level registrations. In both cases, any natural or legal person is entitled to register a. Ag address. Com.ag available as so-called third-level domains. ( Under the commercial extension. Ag ), net.ag ( the Network extension under. Ag ). Well. Org.ag (the ending for organizations and authorities. Ag ) available. The endings edu.ag. , And. Gov.ag can only be used by valid local educational institutions or offices, ministries and agencies of Antigua and Barbuda.

A. Ag domain can be between one and 63 characters in length, Umlautdomains and other internationalized domain names are not supported.