. ar is the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) of the State of Argentina. It was introduced on 23 September 1987, making it one of the oldest addresses at all. It was officially delegated to the so-called Secretaría Técnica y Legal ( about German Ministry of Technology ), but the operating mode takes over the awarding authority NIC Argentina.


The registration of a. Ar - domain non-residence or other establishment in the country, while necessary, both owner and the administrative contact must have an Argentine postal address for communication with the contracting authority. Therefore, foreigners must almost always fall back to a trustee to register a. Ar - domain. Overall, a. Ar - domain may also be only between three and 19 characters, which is very short compared to other ccTLDs. Initially, only alphanumeric characters could be used, since September 2008 but also internationalized domain names are supported with characters from the Spanish and Portuguese.

In contrast to other top -level domains has ar a special restriction. Any natural person or legal entity may not exceed 200 com.ar or org.ar domains possess. .. The contracting authority is trying to statement of the Foreign Ministry, thereby controlling the trade. Ar - domains and preventing abuse.


Since some years. Exclusively assigned ar - domains as a third-level domain. (. Some addresses directly below ar continue to exist and enjoy grandfathering. ) On the second level there are numerous areas that are addressed to specific prospects or even these are expressly reserved:

  • . com.ar for general use
  • . edu.ar for educational institutions
  • . gov.ar for the Argentine government
  • . int.ar for international companies
  • . mil.ar for the Argentine military
  • . net.ar for Internet service providers
  • . org.ar for Nonprofits
  • . tur.ar for companies in the tourism industry

Last of all came in August 2009, nor the second-level domain. Banco.ar added. It goes back to an initiative of the Argentine government and the banks in the country, thereby increasing the safety in electronic banking and in particular prevent phishing want. Registration of corresponding domains is only permitted officially licensed banks.


The top -level domain showed continuous growth in recent years: Since 2005, she heard before the ten most popular country-specific domains, according to br and for example it. .. This position could. Hold ar also in the following years, even during the economic crisis and the consequent collapse of the domain market in 2009 increased the number of. Ar addresses.