. biz is a generic top -level domain ( gTLD ), which was introduced on 26 June 2001. It is primarily intended for the registration of companies. The abbreviation stands biz business as an acronym for the English word. The administration of the domain is done by the U.S. company NeuStar. The agreement between the Operator and ICANN has expired on 31 December 2012 and was extended in the short term by six months due to uncompleted negotiations on a new agreement.


This top -level domain was introduced due to the fact that hardly any users to create an easy to remember and short. Com domain. ICANN has established biz in 2001 as one of the first top -level domains under the program for new generic TLDs.. The gTLD. Biz is managed by the company Neulevel, which is 90 percent owned by Neustar.

Regardless of public interest matters. Biz compared to the less significant top- level domains. It was overtaken by the eu ccTLD. Example, in April 2006.


A. Biz domain may be between two and 63 characters. Since October 2004, the use of internationalized domain names is possible.

Until September 2009, were excluded domains with two places. After loosening the criteria NeuStar has auctioned particularly valuable addresses with only one character on the trading platform Sedo highest bidder. The remaining addresses were advertised as usual.