. gh is the country code top -level domain (ccTLD ) of the West African country of Ghana. It was introduced on 19 January 1995 and is managed by the Network Computer Systems Limited with its headquarters in Accra.


In addition to the top-level domain, there are many second- level domains, for example. Com.gh for companies edu.gh. Reserved for educational institutions, . Gov.gh for the government and other authorities of Ghana. Org.gh for Nonprofits and. mil.gh for the military. First, it was necessary that at least the administrative contact was based in Ghana - in 2012, the guidelines were modified by changing the contracting authority that gh could be registered by anyone without restrictions.. Overall a must. Gh domain be between two and 63 characters and contain only alphanumeric characters.


With the introduction of new top -level domains became known that the contracting authority of. Gh the generic address. Africa supported. You should. Gh not replace, but even encourage the spread of domains on the African continent.