. hu is the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) of Hungary. It was introduced on November 7, 1990 and is operated by the Association of Hungarian Internet Service Provider (Council of Hungarian Internet Providers, short CHIP).


Initially, only citizens and businesses were able to register a. Hu domain with headquarters in the country. Foreign Interessten were only allowed if you have your permanent residence in Hungary or a trademark was registered there. In March 2005, the contracting authority liberalized their criteria: Since any natural or legal person is entitled to register a hu - domain from the European Union. .

Compared to other top -level domains, the contracting authority published all registered. Hu domains. She held the registration initially for two weeks back, to allow opposition to the application. In July 2011, the contracting authority has eliminated this hurdle, whereas the same all newly registered. Hu domains are made ​​public only after a later date.

The top -level domain is one of the most popular places around the world.


Prescribe award criteria that a. Hu domain between two and 40 digits can be long. In addition to alphanumeric characters, all lowercase letters of the Hungarian alphabet do can be used. Individuals need when registering their identity - specify specify company's sales tax number. For those outside the European Union must show that have registered in Hungary a trademark or a patent.