. me is the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) for Montenegro, which was created in the wake of the country's independence from Serbia and Montenegro on 24 September 2007 and from July 2008 the previously used top-level domain. yu (Yugoslavia ) replaced. She was initially managed directly by the Montenegrin government.

The company doMEn, a company based in Montenegro consortium to its partners, the Ireland-based company Afilias registry and registrar Go Daddy and the Montenegrin companies, ME -net belong have been selected as the new operator of the TLD. Together, these act domain.me at the Internet address. In September 2012, it was announced dotMe a wider public, as in the U.S., a spot with the slogan " You're not a corporation. You are a person. Get the right web address. " Aired.


Registrations will be made ​​both on the second and on the third level. While addresses as co.me net.me, org.me, its.me or priv.me on third level citizens and businesses of Montenegro are reserved, anyone may register an address on the second level worldwide. Overall a must. Me domain be between three and 63 characters, special characters after the IDN process are currently not possible. The connectivity of a address usually requires two working days and runs fully automated.

The use of popular first and last names me domains in. Was not initially possible after the introduction. It was only in April 2010 dotME auctioned addresses as kevin.me or paul.me together with NameJet in an auction.


. At the start of the Domain me she was highly sought: The word me in English means both I and me, so interesting addresses are possible as love.me, kiss.me and many more. However, this very lucrative addresses were not available at the start, but were auctioned later. In August 2008, two weeks after the official launch, were already 100,000. Me domain registered. In March 2010 there were already 320,000, bringing the. Me domain became the fastest-selling TLD of all time. In July 2011, just three years after its launch, the number had increased to 530,000 in over 200 countries around the world, with about 53 percent in the U.S., about eight per cent in the UK and each about four percent in Germany, Canada and Japan made were.

In trading platforms such as Sedo. Me has a minor role, especially in comparison to popular ccTLDs such as. De or. Cn. Reached only in November 2011. Me about regional prominence when the domain meet.me was sold for the record sum of 450,000 U.S. dollars.