.NET Compact Framework

The NET Compact Framework. 's A part of. NET framework that is specifically designed for use on mobile devices such as Pocket PCs, Smartphones, and PDAs. It is easier for developers to write applications for mobile devices or to port them to this. Microsoft is entitled to their own platform independence, which they pursue with. NET Framework, a little more justice.

Technically, the Compact Framework is a runtime environment and a class library (see Framework). This version is reduced compared to the normal. NET Framework for your PC to a larger number of classes that are not required for small appliances or taking up too much space.

The NET Compact Framework 1.0. Was introduced in conjunction with Microsoft Visual Studio 2003. The Compact Framework is supported on Pocket PC 2000 (Windows CE 3.0 ) and Windows CE.NET 4.1. Programs can be developed using the. NET languages ​​Visual Basic and C #. When developing for mobile devices help the "Smart Device Extensions " (SDE ) for Visual Studio that can, for example, emulate a handheld computer.

Version History

The installed versions of the. NET Compact Framework on a Windows Mobile device can be displayed using the \ Windows \ cgacutil.exe program. It can be installed on the same machine multiple versions.