. org is a generic top -level domain, which is managed by the Public Interest Registry ( PIR for short ). It is one of the original top- level domains that were created on 1 January 1985, when it was intended for non-commercial organizations that do not fall within one of the other generic top- level domains.

The top -level domain is - in addition to their original purpose - often used by free software projects like Linux, Firefox, and many other open source programs. Since there are no particular limitations on the award exist, any natural or legal person may register a. Org domain. Overall, a. Org domain 1-63 may be characters, the use of umlaut is possible.

. org ranks among the top -level domains with most addresses. In July 2012, the number of registered domains reached the ten million mark for the first time. Nearly 60 percent of all owners have their headquarters in the United States.

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