. below is the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) of the Soviet Union. It exists since September 19, 1990 and is managed by the Russian Institute for Public Networks.


Although the Soviet Union was dissolved in late 1991, see below, it is possible to date, addresses below. Register wherein the management is handled by the successor state Russia. ICANN plans to resolve the top-level domain with time and delete, but lobbyists are fighting to preserve the top-level domain. In 2008, the fees for. Su ru domains were massively reduced in order compared to. Making them more attractive and to strengthen the position in relation to the ICANN.

November 2011, there are about 100,000. Su domains. The ending also recorded in Germany still numerous registrations. In October 2012 almost 110,000. Su domains were registered, come every month, according to a Statistics of Russian domains about 2,500 addresses added.

For the registration of a. Su domain, the presentation of an ID card copying is necessary since the end of 2011. This requirement does not apply to holders of an existing address or its extension. However, it has led to numerous registrars no longer offer. Su domains. Registrations of addresses to be made exclusively on the second level, next to the Latin script also internationalized domain names are allowed in the Cyrillic alphabet.