. tel is a generic top -level domain ( gTLD ), which exists since 1 March 2007 and the London-based company Telnic Ltd.. is administered. Unlike other domains tel address are. Not intended to make a website accessible, but only to display contact details of the owner.


The introduction of. Tel than 19 generic domain was announced in March 2007. Then the Internet governance ICANN and the contracting authority Telnic have negotiated a contract by, there were differences, especially on the release of Whois data. This led to a nearly one-year delay of the launch of tel.

The top -level domain was launched on 3 December 2008. Initially, holders of registered trademarks as part of the so-called sunrise period were able to secure their rights to new addresses before 15 clock (GMT) public procurement ( called Landrush Period) was launched on 3 February 2009. In almost all registrars initially only the registration for a period of at least three years was possible.

In the first two months tel domains, a total of about 200,000. Registered, but reaches the domain but not nearly the popularity of other generic extensions such as. Com,. Net or. Info. As part of the opening of many addresses for pure numeric domains there were several criticisms of. Tel and Telnic because the domain thus really no longer necessary and the disability pure numeric domains was an important criterion for the introduction of. Tel.


Total must be between three and 63 characters long one. Tel. The use of special characters is possible, with the exception of the hyphen in the first, last, and third and fourth place. Since September 2013, Domains can be registered, which contain only numbers (so-called numeric domains ). However, a prerequisite is that they are at least eight characters long instead of three. In November 2013, the International Telecommunication Union utmost concerned about the legal implications of this change, possibly such addresses are not compatible with the E.164 standard.

The connectivity of a domain is done in real time and requires an average of only a few hours. Unlike all other top -level domains, no individual name server can be used because of the special function. Tel domains.

Holder of a. Tel domain can various information such as phone numbers for phone and fax, e -mail address, mailing address or Skype name deposit, which is then displayed on a page always the same unique visitors. Although the colors can be changed and also use your own images, since February 2011, a. Tel page, but can not change the order of the contact details shown and the layout of the page. For mobile devices such as smartphones, there is a specially optimized view. Tel sites.