. among other things, is the country code top -level domain (ccTLD ) of Ukraine. It was introduced on 1 December 1992 and was initially the company Hostmaster Ltd.. managed. Today, the successor company Communication Systems Ltd.. responsible, based in Kiev for operations of the top -level domain.


The top -level domain. Among other things, is the direct successor of the Soviet address. Below, which still exists, and (just like many other ccTLDs ) but is to be deleted soon. In the course of its owner can make a. Su - domain based in the Ukraine have a particular right to change law. In November 2013.. Укр supplemented inter alia, the Cyrillic version so internationalized domain names are now fully supported.


Compared to other ccTLDs can. Ua- domain only be ordered by individuals and companies who are holders of a valid trademark in Ukraine. Overall, a. Ua- domain must be between three and 63 characters long, 's connectivity takes up to a week. Special characters in Punycode methods are in principle supported, but are not in any domain registrar available.

The third-level domain. Com.ua can be registered by individuals and companies worldwide without any restrictions.

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