. za is the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) from South Africa (Dutch Zuid-Afrika ). It was introduced on November 7, 1990 by the IANA and is today managed by the company ZA Domain Name Authority, headquartered in Gauteng.


While other top -level domains may be more than 60 characters long, must a. Za- domain containing a total of only between three and 30 characters. Another unusual feature is that the award is indeed carried out automatically, but may take up to three days. Currently, only alphanumeric characters can be used in an address special characters as Punycode were not supported until December 2012.


The authority of. Za was one of the first organizations, which has developed a mediation process for their top -level domain. After basically the introduction, it was decided in 2006, the procedure is formally resigned in May 2007. It provides that a check is based on clearly defined criteria for whether a domain may violate the trademark rights of others interested. If this is the case, the domain can disallowed under certain circumstances and any other holder will be allocated. The authority stressed that the arbitration should enable fast and cost-saving clarification of appropriate problems.

New TLDs

With the introduction of new top -level domains, the African Union has officially announced the application of the contracting authority. Za- domains to the ending. Africa supported. Between the organization and the competitors DotConnectAfrica a dispute over the admissibility of this recommendation is then broken out. In addition, the three largest cities in the country - Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town - sought their own generic top -level domains in the course of the process, which will also be operated by the contracting authority of za. .