1 gauge

The nominal size I ( spoken: Nominal size one) is in the standards of European Model Railroads (NEM) and the standards of the National Model Railroad Association ( NMRA ) standard size for model trains. Several occasions it is also known as nominal size 1. The standard gauge model with a track gauge of 1435 mm case has a model track width of 45 mm and is colloquially referred to as the track I. The scale is 1:32.

There are vehicle models and accessories in the cheapest toy train segment to high-end car models and accessories that rival their great models in nothing. The drive of the vehicle models primarily use electric motors. In high-quality steam locomotive models of industrial manufacturing as well as in models of hobby model builders of a steam engine is used as a so-called real steam railway.


After the nominal size 1 was for many years completely disappeared from the catalogs of the major manufacturer, dared Marklin 1969 a new start in this large scale. Since 1980, the then imported toy manufacturer Playmobil uses this sprint distance.


For nominal size I European Model Railroads (NEM) are in 1:32 scale in the standards laid down the following model track gauge:

Terms nominal size I and nominal size 1

Originally, as now, the nominal size is actually designated by the Roman numeral I. According to the norms of European Model Railroads, the notation is with Roman numerals further preferred nominal sizes I and larger but may also be referred to in Arabic numerals.