1 (New York City Subway service)

Line 1 is a subway line of the New York City Subway, which is marked in red on the network map and the train stations.

It serves 37 stations, drives any time of day local, ie stops at every station and travels through Manhattan and the Bronx, their partners 2 and 3 do not stop at all stops and, in contrast, express lines. Line 1 runs around the clock, but at night with reduced cycle times. Only uses rolling stock of the type R62A. The northern terminus is Van Cortlandt Park - 242nd Street, the southern South Ferry.


The first part of the Broadway Seventh Avenue Local was opened on 3 June 1917. The first section of this route ranged south from Times Square on 42nd Street to 34th Street Penn Station. Later, the Subway was extended to South Ferry. In addition, a kind of diversion was built to Wall Street on Chambers Street. Today, there, on line 2 and line 3 to Brooklyn. This was opened on 1 June 1918.

On August 21, 1989, a skip- stop service was inaugurated on line 9 on the line north of 135th City collage, but he was reinstated on 27 May 2005. The attacks on 11 September 2001, the station Cortlandt Street was heavily damaged. Because of Obstruction of Cortlandt St station tunnel, a new tunnel to the old Cortlandt Street station was built where there should open a new station, however, this is not going to happen which is why the line 1 to the present day is passing through a shell of a station.

On 16 March 2009 a new station was opened to South Ferry. When Hurricane Sandy raged in New York in November 2012, the new station was flooded so that it will not be accessible until 2016. Therefore, the old station was re-opened on April 4, 2013 temporarily.