1. Liga Classic

The first League Classic is the fourth- highest division in Swiss football. Until the 2011/12 season she was named 1st League, because of the introduction of the first league promotion, it was renamed. As this is being changed on the 2014/15 season back in Promotion League, the first League Classic in the summer 2014 back to its old name first league.

It is divided into three groups, divided by geographic regions discharged.


From 1922 to 1930, the current League 1 was designated as Series B. From 1930 to 1944 it was known as Serie A since 1944, they universally referred to as the first league.

Reform of the League for the 2012/13 season

The Swiss Football Association or the organization of the Swiss Football League has on 12 November 2010, the reform of the first league decided, which was confirmed on May 21, 2011.

The two best teams in the first league Classic rise in the first league promotion on the two last placed each group interregional in the 2nd League from.

Group classification

As of 2013/14 season

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

  • FC Balzers Liechtenstein
  • SC Cham
  • Chur 97
  • Liechtenstein USV Eschen -Mauren
  • FC Gossau
  • SV Hoengg
  • FC Mendrisio- Stabio
  • FC Muri
  • FC Rapperswil -Jona
  • Team Ticino U21
  • FC Thalwil
  • FC Wettswil- Bonstetten
  • FC Winterthur U21
  • FC train 94