10 (number)

The Ten (10 ) is the natural number between nine and eleven. She's just.


The Ten is the base of the decimal system, which dates back to the number of ten human fingers. The Indo-European importance ( OHG Zehan ) is expected, similar to Latin decem, be interpreted with " two hands ". The Ten is also both a triangular number and tetrahedral number and the sum of the first three prime numbers. The Roman numeral for ten is X ( two superimposed Asked Vs each with the numerical value of five ).


Since time immemorial, were counted with the fingers. The Ten was no doubt why the beginning and end of all numbers, the appear as magic limit. It is the sum of the first four numbers (1 2 3 4 ), and was an early sign of perfection and completion. An important role in Judaism and Christianity play the Ten Commandments, as is the speech of ten biblical plagues. Ten is the number of Kabbalistic Sephiroth, the emanations in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life: nine spheres are open to the senses, the tenth remains invisible. Furthermore, we call the time between the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah and the Day of Atonement ( Yom Kippur ), the ten reverential days. Thus, the ten comes to the importance of order, absoluteness, totality. The Greek letter χ - see the Roman numeral value of Ten - stands as the central letter of the Christ monogram for Christ himself.


A compilation of ten things (usually years ) is the decade. A polygon with ten sides is a decagon. With the Latin word decem foreign words are formed as December (originally: the 10th month), tenth (an interval in music or a verse form), or the prefix of the tenth decimal fraction: decimeter, quintal, deciliter or decimation.


  • The traditional tax is the tithe.
  • Ashura (Arabic for " ten " ) is held each tenth of Muharram in the Shiite commemoration of the killing of Al -Husayn ibn Ali.
  • The ten considerations are Buddhist meditation topics.
  • The back number 10 is considered to be number playmaker in football.
  • There are ten heavenly stems in the Chinese calendar.