101 Dalmatians (1996 film)

101 Dalmatians, also: 101 Dalmatians - This time the dogs are genuine, is an American family comedy by Stephen Herek, distributed by Walt Disney Productions from 1996 The plot is based on Dodie Smith 's novel and the animated film 101 Dalmatians, taking care. Care was taken, the figures similar to occupy the cartoon characters.


The unsuccessful London video game inventor Roger met with an accident in the park pretty Anita, who he has a Dalmatian. Pongo and Perdita The two dogs, as well as their two-legged owners fall spontaneously into each other and get married. When young heralds in the Dalmatians, suddenly Anita's eccentric employer Cruella De Vil is at the door and wants to negotiate a contract that allows it to produce from the puppies once they are born fur coats. Startled by this proposal reject Roger and Anita. Enraged, Cruella disappears and leaves a few weeks later kidnap the puppies. They are brought by two bumbling young criminals together with Dalmatian puppies of other owners on a farm outside London. There, the thieves wait for the Tierhäuter Mr. Skinner, who is to remove the little fur. But with the help of farm animals, the puppies can escape in time.

Roger and Anita and the dog parents call the police, which is the project Cruellas on the ropes quickly. But Cruella is already about to capture the puppies again. Thanks to the cohesion of all animals can Cruella, Mr. Skinner and the bandits but are overpowered and arrested by the police and the puppies are returned to their owners. Because there are no owners have reported for the rest of the total of 99 stolen puppies, Roger and Anita must adopt all together. They found a dog farm where they raise also her first child next to the Dalmatians.


The German synchronous processing made ​​the lingua Film GmbH, Munich,.


Glenn Close as Best Actress - Comedy or Musical

Glenn Close as Best Actress - Comedy or Musical


" A family film full of action and turbulence with an incredible variety of four-legged friends, but they can not compete with the charm of the Disney classic from 1961. "

" Succeed at the beginning nor the imaginative paraphrase, the film slipping rapidly into trivial entertainment for children and verselbständigende situation comedy. "

"This is a pathetic movie. He is not only completely unnecessary ( the animated version would have been enough ), but also a glaring example of Disney's unbridled commercialization. "


The film 102 Dalmatians in 2000 builds on previous content, hardly; only the action to Cruella De Vil is continued. Critics have called the film among other things, " just a cheap rehash " of the first part.