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Heads of State

Year of the Wood horse甲午( at the beginning of the year, water - snake癸巳)

Syria: 1365/66 ( the year in October )


Politics and World Affairs

  • End of the year: The Norman Duke William the Bastard defeated a French coalition under King Henry I. devastating in the Battle of Mortemer.

Science and Technology


After five years in office, dies on April 19, Pope Leo IX. in Rome, probably of malaria. Only a month earlier, he has been released from his imprisonment after the defeat in the previous year in the Battle of Civitate by the Normans. Together with a Roman delegation, chaired by the deacon Hildebrand advises the Emperor Henry III. then on an assembly in Mainz on the new appointment. The Emperor uses his Designationsrecht and strikes in September I. Gebhard, Bishop of Eichstätt, as the successor of Leo before. However, Gebhard conditions linked to the assumption of the office and asks to change your mind. He asks Henry not only the return of church properties, but also the retention of his diocese, at that time quite a common practice. The Office of the Bishop of Rome is thus the end of the year still vacant.

On March 8, dies in Hildesheim the local bishop Azelin. His successor will be in May, the provost of the Palatinate Church of St. Simon and Jude to Goslar and chancellor for Italy, Hezilo. The consecration will take place on October 15.