10th Army (Wehrmacht)

The 10th Army / Army High Command 10 (AOK 10 ) was a major unit of the Army of the Wehrmacht during the Second World War. She was supreme command each alternating Army Corps as well as many special forces.

First installation

Situated on 26 August 1939, General of Artillery Walter von Reichenau, she was involved as part of Army Group South in the attack on Poland. On October 10, 1939, she was renamed the 6th Army.

Second line-up

As a defense against the Allied invasion of Italy and the Allied Italian campaign, the 10th Army was set up again on 15 August 1943. After the British 8th Army ( Bernard Montgomery ) had landed at Reggio di Calabria on 3 September, withdrawal struggles of the 10th Army followed northward through Calabria. On 9th September the 10th Army led defensive struggles against the hinterland at Salerno ( Operation Avalanche ) landed U.S. 5th Army ( Mark W. Clark). The task of Naples was enforced on October 1, 1943 by the Allies and the retreat behind the Volturno notwendig.Zwischen December 1943 and May 1944 was followed by defensive struggles on Gargliano, the Sangro and several defensive battles at Monte Cassino. On 4 June 1944 Rome was evacuated from the northern standing 14th Army, which initiates the withdrawal of the 10th Army to the Pescara - line. In September 1944 retreat fights already taken place across the northern Apennines at Rimini. On 7 December 1944 Ravenna geräumt.Im April 1945 was it came to more defensive battles between the Adriatic and Bologna, where some of the right wing of the neighboring 14th Army joined. On May 2, 1945, there came with the surrender of the parent Army Group C to the fighting.



  • General of Artillery Walter von Reichenau from August 26 to October 10, 1939
  • General of Panzer troops Heinrich von Vietinghoff Gen. Scheel from August 15 to September 4, 1943
  • General of Panzer troops Joachim Lemelsen 4 September to 31 December 1943
  • General Heinrich von Vietinghoff Gen. Scheel December 31, 1943 to October 26, 1944
  • General of Panzer troops Joachim Lemelsen October 26, 1944 to February 16, 1945
  • General of Panzer troops Traugott Herr from 16 February to May 2, 1945

Chief of Staff

  • Major General Friedrich Paulus from August 26 to October 10, 1939
  • Colonel Fritz Wentzell from 15 August 1943 to November 1, 1944
  • Major General Dietrich Beelitz from 1 November 1944 to May 2, 1945