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Heads of State

Year of the Metal horse庚午(at the beginning of Earth Snake己巳)

Syria: 1581/82 ( the year in October )


Politics and World Affairs

Seventh Crusade

  • August 25: The French king Louis IX. died at the siege of Tunis during the seventh crusade, new de facto leader is Charles of Anjou. Philip III. , The Bold, then becomes King of France. The Crusade of Prince Edward splits off from the seventh crusade.
  • October 30: Due spreading availability diseases the siege of Tunis (seventh crusade ) by a trade agreement is concluded with the Sultan. The crusade army now embarks to Acre, the last Crusader stronghold in Palestine, a.

More Events in Europe

  • After the death of his father is Stephen V King of Hungary, and as Stephen IV king of Croatia, Dalmatia and Rama.
  • Bremen gets Hamburger Law ' ( first recorded mention of a city law in this city).
  • 1270: Today's Kleinwalsertal is populated via the Hochalppass of five expatriate families from the Upper Valais ( Switzerland ).
Ersturkundliche mentions
  • First mention of Beurnevésin, Birr, Conches, Chêne -Bourg, Gisikon, cabins, basket, Mellenthin, Muntelier, Rebstein, Rechenberg, Schletzenhausen, Schuttertal, Subingen and Templin.

More events in Asia and Africa

  • After the death of his father David VII is the underage Dimitri II, King of Georgia. His uncle Sadun Mankaberdeli takes over to 1278 the regency. Despite the supremacy of the Mongols, the country experienced a political and economic upswing.

Science and Technology

  • 1270: The Franciscan Roger Bacon gives the position of the focal point with concave mirrors. There arise the Communia naturalium and Communia mathematica fonts.
  • 1270: The theoretical treatise Perspectiva the Silesian naturalist Vitelo deals esp. with refraction, reflection and geometrical optics. It contradicts the prevailing opinion that eyes send out rays.
  • 1270: first polished rock crystals and beryls are used as visual aids in Italy; it starts the production of eyewear to prevent farsightedness.
  • Brunetto Latini donates the Academy of Arts in Florence.


  • Since 1197 466 mints were originated in Germany. Of these, 37 were under royal, 277 secular, 106 episcopal and monastic violence 46.
  • 1270: Papermaking in Italy.
  • 1270: First linen and hemp paper in France.

Religion and Culture

  • October: Thomas Aquinas defends himself with Scripture Contra doctrinam retrahentium a religione against personal and polemical attacks by Nicholas of Lisieux, a pupil of William of Saint Amour and friend of Gerard of Abbeville (see 1269 ).
  • Averroism: (Paris) Thomas Aquinas published the treatise De unitate intellectus contra Averroistas. On December 10, the bishop responsible for teaching Tempier condemned 13 propositions (Paris convictions ), including Averroistic doctrines such as the theories of the eternity of the world, the uniqueness of the intellect and the universal determination of world affairs and that the individual soul is not immortal, but temporary partial manifestation of an overall reason is Monopsychismus (see links).
  • Construction of the three-nave pillar basilica and hall-like the preacher church in Erfurt ( Dominicans ).


  • Abner of Burgos, Spanish physician and philosopher († 1347 )
  • 1270: William Wallace, the Scottish freedom fighter and national hero († 1305)
  • 1270: Nicholas of Lyra, and Franciscan Bible commentator († 1349 )


  • August 03: John of Damietta, Count of Nevers, Count of Valois and Crépy, participants of the 7th Crusade (* 1250)
  • 08 August: Margaretha von Staufen, Landgrave of Thuringia and Countess Palatine of Saxony ( * 1241 )
  • August 25: . Louis IX, King of France and leader of the 7th Crusade (* 1214 )
  • October 03: Adolf I, Count of Waldeck and Schwalenberg
  • Bartolomeo da Breganze, Bishop of Vicenza, founder of the Order of Friars Gaudenti and papal legate (c. 1200)
  • David VII, King of Georgia (* 1215)
  • Nahmanides, Jewish scholar, Rabbi, physician, philosopher and poet (* 1194)
  • Margarete Skulesdatter, wife of King Håkon Håkonsson Norway. (C. 1210)
  • 1270: Mecia Lópes de Haro, Queen of Portugal and Leonese nobles (c. 1215)