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Heads of State

Year of the Water Pig癸亥( at the beginning of the year Water Dog壬戌)

Syria: 1634/35 ( the year in October )


Politics and World Affairs

  • June: Sardinia comes at Aragón - after the Pope has given King James II of Sardinia and Corsica as a fief, land Spanish troops in Sardinia, distribute the Genoese and conquer the island.
  • August 12: The Treaty of Nöteborg the border between the Kingdom of Sweden and Novgorod is set. German merchants mediated the peace that sealed the division of Karelia. The eastern border of Finland runs from Rajajoki across the Karelian Isthmus Saimaa and the lake district of Savo to the Gulf of Bothnia. The contract to Schlüsselburg is the first official peace treaty between Sweden and Russia ( Novgorod ).
  • October 18: John XXII. opened a trial against Louis IV and threatens him to spell.
  • The army of Louis of Bavaria skillful can penetrate the siege of Milan. The soldiers of Naples withdraw.
  • Ludwig wants to clarify the jurisdiction of the Pope by a general council. He married his son Ludwig and Margaret of Tyrol, the heiress of Tyrol and Carinthia. He invested him with the Mark of Brandenburg, which belonged to there in 1320 in the male line extinct race of Ascanians.
  • Tirol: birth of the Tyrolean shooter. The Diet specifies that in an emergency, all able-bodied men must contribute to national defense.
  • Flanders: the beginning of the multi-year uprising of the urban bourgeoisie and the peasants against the nobility style similar to France under Count Ludwig
  • Bern enter into a temporary alliance with the Swiss original cantons.
  • The dominated by the Mongol Ilchanen Persia and Egypt Mamelukensultan Nasir Muhammad conclude a peace treaty.
  • First mention of Lithuania's capital Vilnius and from Ederswiler, Eggiwil and Zunzgen.



  • A second earthquake (after 1303 ), shattered the Lighthouse of Alexandria ( one of the 7 Wonders of the World ) and leads to its extensive destruction.


  • To 1323: Manuel II, Emperor of Trebizond († 1333)


  • MARCH 27: Pierre d' Oron, Bishop of Lausanne
  • 07 August: Hervaeus Natalis, 14th Master of the Order of the Dominicans (* after 1250; see scholasticism, web links )
  • Segebodo Crispin, Mayor of Lübeck