1383–85 Crisis

With the revolution of 1383 is referred to in the history of Portugal, the events that led to the takeover of the House Avis.

1383 had died with Ferdinand I., the Fair, the last Burgundian rulers in Portugal without a male heir. Since Ferdinand's daughter Beatrix was married to John I of Castile, Portugal should then fall to the Castilian kings as an inheritance. After the death of the king, first his widow, Leonore Teles de Menezes, the power and ruled together with her lover, the Earl of Ourém. Both Leonora and her lover were adjusted per - Castilian. Popularly they distrusted Castile and the autonomy promises made by Castilian page. In Lisbon, there was an uprising of the craft guilds, with the Leonore was overthrown after six weeks regency.

John of Avis, a non- legitimate son of King Peter I. and thus half-brother Ferdinand I, put himself at the head of the revolt and killed by hand the Count of Ourém. Castile saw these developments to law as a threat to its claims on Portugal. The Castilian king marched then one with a large army to Portugal. The Cortes, the Portuguese parliament of nobles, Johann declared by Avis for "Defender of the Fatherland ". In the dispute and the contrast between the nobility and royal family in Portugal played a role. On the part of Castile at that time was primarily the Portuguese nobility, who hoped for the restoration of old, now usurped by the Portuguese kings privileges of John I of Castile. On the part of John of Avis ', however, was primarily the lower nobility and the citizens and peasantry.

On August 14, 1385 came at the Battle of Aljubarrota for decision. Under the command of Nuno Alvares Pereira, who later became a saint of the Roman Catholic Church, managed the Portuguese forces to beat the numerically larger and better equipped Castilian army. Thus, the claims of Castile were repelled to the Portuguese throne for almost two hundred years, the Portuguese independence was secured. The Cortes then chose John of Avis king ( John I ), he founded the dynasty of Avis, Portugal 1385-1580 reigned.

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