(14080) Heppenheim

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( 14080 ) Heppenheim is an asteroid of the main belt, which was discovered on 1 April 1997 by the team of Stark Castle Observatory eV. Was named the heavenly bodies according to the location of the observatory, southern Hesse Heppenheim. ( 14080 ) Heppenheim was the first asteroid, which was discovered here.

Official eulogy:

( 14080 ) Heppenheim = 1997 GB

Discovered 1997 Apr. 1 at the Stark Castle Observatory, Heppenheim. The beautiful city of Heppenheim, with its medieval old town did what first Mentioned in the year 755, is situated in a traditional wine - growing region of south western Germany. On a hill above the city the ruins of the castle dominate Starkenburgring the picturesque scenery.