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Heads of State

Year of the Fire Hare丁卯( at the beginning of the year Fire Tiger丙寅)

Syria: 1758/59 ( the year in October )

  • 3.1 Exact date of death unknown


Politics and World Affairs


Louis VII of Bavaria -Ingolstadt dies on May 1 in the captivity of his cousin Heinrich XVI. of Bavaria- Landshut on the Burghausen Castle. As his son, Louis VIII, who has delivered him into captivity, died two years ago, and the third Bavarian Duke Albrecht III. of Bavaria -Munich does not claim the duchy of Bavaria -Ingolstadt goes into the possession of Henry in full. Can remain of only two duchies of the third Bavarian division of 1392.


After the death of Duke Filippo Maria Visconti on 13 August, the Golden Ambrosian Republic was proclaimed in Milan, although there are with Charles de Valois, Duke of Orléans, the son of Filippo's sister Valentina Visconti, a legitimate successor. The Republic, however, only up to 1450 have stock, because Francesco I Sforza, who married a daughter of Filippo Visconti, lays claim to the rule in the Duchy of Milan and sets out to enforce this claim by force of arms.

More Events in Europe

  • The German Hanse decides on the Hanseatic Days in Lübeck a defensive alliance against enemies (other than the Holy Roman Empire).
  • Schmitten is first mentioned.

Science and Technology

The Tibetan astronomer Phugpa Lhundrub Gyatsho completed his most important work padma dkar po'i zhal setting ( instruction of the ( king of Shambhala ) Pema Karpo ). In it, he reconstructed after the Tibetan tradition of Buddha learned and later allegedly falsified in Kālacakratantra true astronomy and Kalendererrechnung. He thereby creates the basis for a computing system, which will be relevant for a large part of the Tibetan astronomers to create the Tibetan calendar, for the calculation of solar and lunar eclipses, and to calculate the motion of the planets, including the sun and moon over many centuries.


After the death of Pope Eugenius IV and his burial in St Peter's place in the Dominican Convent Sopra Minerva in Rome, the three-day conclave in 1447, attended by 18 cardinals participate and is elected at the end on March 6, Tommaso Parentucelli to the Pope, who is the name Nicholas V 's. The choice is generally regarded as a surprise. The enthronement of the new Pope will take place on March 19. The new pope has to deal first with the anti-pope elected at the Council of Basel in 1439 Felix V..


  • 03 December: Bayezid II, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire († 1512)
  • December 15: Albrecht IV ( " the Wise" ), Duke of Bavaria († 1508)


  • FEBRUARY 23: Eugene IV, Italian pope from 1431 to 1447 (* 1383 )
  • 03 April: Niccolò d' Acciapaccio, Cardinal and Archbishop of Capua (* 1382 )
  • May 01: Louis VII, Duke of Bavaria -Ingolstadt (* 1368 )

Exact date of death unknown

  • İmadəddin Nəsimi, Azerbaijani poet (* 1370 )