14th Street (Manhattan)

The 14th Street is a major road that runs across New York City borough of Manhattan. The road bears to the rank of one of the known avenues of the city competition and is an important business location.


The 14th Street is considered as northern border of Downtown Manhattan. She is also the border of different neighborhoods of Manhattan: For the 14th Street is the northern boundary of Greenwich Village, Alphabet City and the East Village, as well as the southern boundary of Chelsea, Flatiron / Lower Midtown and Gramercy. On Broadway, she is the southern boundary of Union Square.


Previously, 14th Street was an upscale area, but lost some of its luster and prestige, as the city grew northward. It marks the southern limit of the Commissioners ' plan of 1811, which claimed the right angle, numbered street grid of Manhattan from 14th Street to Washington Heights in the north. But not in Greenwich Village - South of 14th Street, this grid is still in the East Village almost entirely gone. Here is an older and less unified plan of the street grid was applied.

Course of the 14th Street

The West 14th Street begins at the junction between the New York State Route 9A north-east of Greenwich Village. At the end of the motorway junction to cross 10th Avenue. Then to the east crosses the West 14th Street Ninth Avenue, Hudson Street, Eighth Avenue, Seventh Avenue, Sixth Avenue and Avenue of the Americas and Fifth Avenue. After Fifth Avenue is from the West 14th Street onto East 14th Street and forms the southern boundary of Union Square between University Place and Fourth Avenue and Park Avenue. East of 4th Avenue forms the southern boundary of 14th Street to Irving Place, a street that runs north - south and ends at the Gramercy Park. After the 14th Street crossing Third Avenue and is the border between the districts of East Village in the south and in the north Gramercy. Then the road crosses Second Avenue, where a future subway station of the Second Avenue Subway will be. Then the 14th Street crosses the main thoroughfares of Alphabet City: 1st Avenue, Avenue A, Avenue B and Avenue C where 14th Street ends.


The 14th Street is very well connected to the New York subway network. Each line crossing 14th Street, there is also a station:

The BMT Canarsie Line passes under the 14th Street from Eighth Avenue to the East River and stops at 1st Avenue, 3rd Avenue, Union Square, 6th and 8th Avenue.

The Port Authority Trans -Hudson ( PATH) holds at the intersection of 14th Street and 6th Avenue.