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Heads of State

Year of The Water Rooster癸酉( at the beginning of the year Water Monkey壬申)

Syria: 1884/85 ( the year in October )


Politics and World Affairs

  • March 7: The conquest of Cyprus by the Ottomans in 1570/71 is recognized by the Republic of Venice in the Treaty of Constantinople Opel. The fifth Venetian Turkish war goes into its separate peace to end.

Poland - Lithuania

  • JANUARY 28: The constitution of the Confederation of Warsaw in Poland - Lithuania. This granted the dissident religious freedom, civil rights and political equality with the Catholics.
  • Henry of Valois, the first choice of the aristocratic republic king of Poland - Lithuania.
  • Articuli Henriciani
  • Pacta conventa


Holy Roman Empire

  • March 3: Duke Albrecht V loses the ongoing since 1548 Reichskammergericht process to the imperial immediacy of the small county places castle against Count Joachim von Ortenbourg. The small county had thus finally won the right to remain independent of the Duchy of Bavaria.
  • September 21: In the first Rostock Rostock inheritance agreement between the Hanseatic city of Rostock and Duke Johann Albrecht I will be closed to Mecklenburg. The prince is in the hereditary rule and the high court granted over the city, which at the same time lose important privileges, but others commits. The goal is to reach as other Hanseatic cities the status of a free imperial city is so become unattainable.


  • Japan: Oda Nobunaga overthrew the Muromachi government. The Azuchi - Momoyama period begins.

Science and Technology

  • Count John VII founded the Old Grammar School Oldenburg as Latin School.


  • April 30: The at that time, with 150 meters height the largest clock in Europe collapses and damaged in the process choir and transept of the Cathedral of Beauvais considerably. The other church is then unfinished for lack of funds.
  • Giuseppe Arcimboldo: Four Seasons (Third Series)

The summer of 1573

The Fall, 1573

The Winter, 1573


On the occasion of the second anniversary of the victory of the Holy League of the Ottomans at the Battle of Lepanto, Pope Gregory XIII established. the Feast of the Rosary in honor of the " Virgin of the Rosary ", to be celebrated on the first Sunday in October.

Nature and Environment

  • Seegfrörne Lake Constance is completely frozen.


Historic maps and views


  • September 7: Elias Ehinger, German theologian and philologist († 1653)
  • October 7: William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury and one of the advisers of the English king († 1645)
  • Jerome Horn Schuch, author of Orthotypographia, a textbook for proofreaders († 1616)


  • March 02: Johann Wilhelm I, first Duke of Saxe -Weimar (* 1530)
  • March 10: Hans Mielich, also called Muelich or Müelich, Munich painter and draftsman of the late Renaissance ( * 1516)
  • MARCH 13: Michel de l' Hôpital, French statesman, jurist and humanist (b. 1505 )
  • 02 April: Otto Steward of Waldburg- Trauchburg, Bishop of Augsburg, and Cardinal (* 1514)
  • MAY 13: Takeda Shingen, Japanese regional prince and warlord during the time of the Warring States Period (* 1521)
  • 07 July: Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola, Italian architect (* 1507)
  • JULY 29: John Caius, English court physician, allowed the re- establishment of Gonville Hall ( * 1510)
  • November 02: .. Barnim IX, according to other Census Barnim XI, was Duke of Pomerania -Stettin (* 1501)
  • Cornelis Boscoop, Dutch organist, singer and composer (* 1525 or 1531)
  • John Daubmann, German book printer