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Heads of State

Year of the Fire Rat丙子( at the beginning of the year Wood Pig乙亥)

Syria: 327/328 ( year in October )


Politics and World Affairs

Roman Empire

  • Sisenna Statilius Taurus and Lucius Libo Scribonius are consuls of the Roman Empire. Suffektkonsuln be Publius Pomponius Graecinus and Gaius Vibius Rufus.
  • C. Julius Caesar Germanicus starts with eight legions a new campaign by Magna Germania. The goal is Cheruscans that could inflict a crushing defeat the Romans in the previous year. On opposite banks of the Weser, the warriors meet. Supposedly, this will mean a quarrel between Arminius, leader of the Cherusker, and his brother flavus, which is in the service of the Roman army.
  • The following day the Romans cross the Weser and meet the Cherusci at Idistaviso ( Battle on the Idistavisischen field) to fight. In the pitched battle, the Germans missed narrowly the encirclement. The majority of the warrior succeeds in retreat for Angrivarierwall ( between the Weser and Steinhude ). Arminius is wounded during the battle. Although the renewed fighting on the easier for the Cherusker defensible place end numerically with a victory of the Romans, however, Germanicus is forced to leave with his legions weakened Magna Germania again in August. Germanicus is recalled by the emperor to Rome. This ends the attempts of the Roman Empire, not to conquer Germania.


The Indian Ratishastra treated aspects of conjugal love in 272 verses.


  • Drusilla, sister of Caligula († 38)