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Heads of State

Year of the Wood Tiger甲寅( at the beginning of the year, water buffalo癸丑)

Syria: 1925/26 ( the year in October )

  • Secured 3.1 Date of birth
  • 3.2 Exact date of birth unknown


Politics and World Affairs


  • MAY 25: Wolfgang Wilhelm, heir to the throne in Pfalz- Neuburg, proclaimed in the Church of Saint Lambertus in Dusseldorf solemnly his conversion from Protestantism to Catholicism. His father, the reigning Count Palatine and Duke Philipp Ludwig is deeply shocked by this news and convene the Diet on August 28 a, presumably to disinherit his son. Just before that, on August 22, Philipp Ludwig, however, unexpectedly dies and Wolfgang Wilhelm, Count Palatine and Duke is, placing the country changes from the Protestant Union with the Catholic League.
  • 22 August: The Fat Milk uprising against the mismanagement in the Free Imperial City of Frankfurt am Main escalates and ends in one of the gingerbread baker Vincent fat milk -led anti-Jewish revolt and a pogrom in the Frankfurt Jewish street.
  • November 12: The Treaty of Xanten of Jülich- Cleves succession dispute Dortmund recess is settled, set of 1609 repealed and thus averted a confrontation at European level. In the contract, the Duchy of Cleves in the Electorate of Brandenburg, the Duchy of Berg in Neuburg falls. Brandenburg also lays claim to the imperial city of Herford, who sees a threat to their liberties.
  • On the occasion of the coming of age of King Louis XIII. takes place the last convocation of the French Estates-General before 1789.
  • The later capital of Albania, Tirana, is founded: Originally from Mullet at Petrela, local landowners Sulejman Pasha Bargjini built on the present site for the first time a mosque, a bakery and a hamam.


  • November 8: The Samurai Justo Takayama is shown together with 3,000 other people because of his Christian faith from Japan. The refugees founded on December 21, the place Dilao in the district of Paco Manila.
  • The Toyotomi clan built Osaka Castle again. On 19 November, the siege of Osaka starts by the Tokugawa shogunate. The troops of Tokugawa Ieyasu Toyotomi Hideyori pull against.
  • The pacification of the Rajputs carried out under Jahangir.


  • The Ethiopian Kingdom Janjero receives first visit by Europeans, but remains largely isolated in the coming decades.


  • Joris van Spilbergen begins a three-year journey around the world on behalf of the Dutch East India Company.
  • Adriaen Block undertakes a voyage in eastern North America in the footsteps of Henry Hudson.


  • Situated outside of Amsterdam at the Nieuwmarkt area Lastage will be expanded and built a city scale.
  • The glassworks Silberhütte is founded.

Science and Technology

Teaching and research

  • August 23: In the Groningen State University is founded. The first rector is Ubbo Emmius.
  • September 10: Prince Bishop Dietrich von Fürstenberg founded the Jesuit University in Paderborn with a theological and a philosophical faculty.


  • The Scottish mathematician and scholar John Napier published his work Mirifici Logarithmorum Canonis Descriptio the first logarithm tables.



  • The first official edition of the Roman Ritual, the Roman Ritual Pauli Quinti Pontifici Maximilian Iussu editum appears under Pope Paul V and reflects the Tridentine rite.

Historic maps and views


Secured birth

  • January 01: John Wilkins, Bishop of Chester ( † 1672)
  • January 06: Leopold Wilhelm of Austria, governor of the Spanish Netherlands, commander and patron of the arts († 1662)
  • February 02: William Forbes, soldier and mercenary († 1654)
  • 02 April: Jahanara, Indian Princess († 1681)
  • APRIL 24: Martin Geier, German Lutheran theologian († 1680)
  • May 02: Christian Reich Graf zu Rantzau, 1648-1663 governor in the Royal Danish part of Schleswig -Holstein ( † 1663 )
  • September 02: Claus von Ahlefeldt, field marshal and commander of all the Danish armed forces in Norway ( † 1674)
  • 000September: Felice Anerio, Italian composer (* 1560)

Exact date of birth unknown

  • Balthasar Ableithner, German sculptor († 1705)
  • Catherine Bellier, French noblewoman, mistress of Louis XIV († 1689)
  • Margaret Fell, English Quaker († 1702)
  • Ambrose Regondi, Italian stonemason and sculptor († 1682)
  • Franz Tunder, German composer and organist († 1667)
  • Thomas Willeboirts, Flemish historical painter († 1654)


  • 6th or 7th of April: El Greco, Greek- Spanish painter (c. 1541)
  • June 21 Bartholomew Scultetus, Görlitz mayor, mathematician (* 1540)
  • June 23 Markus Welser, German humanist, historian, publisher and mayor of Augsburg (* 1558 )