16th Army (Wehrmacht)

The 16th Army / Army High Command 16 ( 16th Army ) was a major unit of the Army of the Wehrmacht during the Second World War. She was supreme command each alternating Army Corps as well as many special forces.


The 16th Army was established on 22 October 1939. The personal strain was provided by the Infantry Replacement Battalion 1 in Königsberg.

She took part in the western campaign and the Russian campaign where their Second Army Corps in January 1942 were included in Demyansk and another battle group in Chelm and liberated in the spring of 1942. The Fortress said front edge of Demyansk was maintained and cleared in February 1943 after the defeat at Stalingrad because of a Fuehrer order.

As the 2nd Baltic Front attacked on February 19, 1944 on both sides of Chelm, the 16th Army suffered heavy losses and was up to the autumn of 1944 gradually pushed back to Courland, where they surrendered, together with the 18th Army on 8 May 1945.

Supreme Commander