1932 Tour de France

The 26th Tour de France took place from 6 to 31 July 1932, listed 21 stages over 4520 km. 80 racers participated in the tour, 57 of which were classified.

Race course

After his victory on the second stage Kurt Stöpel was the first German stage winner and also the first German who wore the yellow jersey. But already on the next stage, he could not defend the top position after several punctures and had to cede to the outstanding player in the Tour de France in 1932, André Leducq the leader's jersey. Stöpel was at the end of second overall.

Leducq defended the overall lead acquired on the third leg to the finish in Paris. During the tour, the Frenchman could erinngen total of six stage wins, including the stage over the Col du Galibier in the Alps, where the riders had to contend with snow. With a Durchschnittsgewindigkeit of 29.313 km / h Leducq managed after 1930 his second Tour de France victory. Best team in 1932 Italy.

Kurt Stöpel documented the history of the Tour de France in 1932 as an experience report (see references ).

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