1933–34 French Division 1

The season 1933/34, was the second edition of the professional French football Division 1, the (previously: Championnat National) from then officially under the name Championnat de Division 1 was renamed. Champion FC Sète.

Were eligible to the 14 clubs who had not finished the previous season in the two league seasons worse than seventh place. A division into two groups was 1933/34, no longer made ​​; therefore no playoff to determine the champion more was required. There was also no climber, because until this season, a second division was set up as a foundation.

Thus, in this season the following teams played for the title:

  • Three clubs from the far north ( Excelsior AC Roubaix, holders Olympique Lille and the SC Fives )
  • Two from Paris (Racing Club, Cercle Athlétique )
  • One each from the Northeast (FC Sochaux ) and the northwest ( Stade Rennes UC),
  • Seven of the Mediterranean coast (FC Sète, SC Nîmes, SO Montpellier, Olympique Marseille, AS Cannes, OGC Nice and Antibes FC, ​​Olympique Antibes still said in the previous season ).

First match was September 3, 1933, as the last day of play May 13, 1934 was provided. However, a catch-up meeting (Marseille against Roubaix ) only took place on May 20. A " winter break, " there was not this season; even on Christmas and New Year was played.

History, results and tables

It was the two- point rule; case of a tie, the goal difference was the decisive factor for the placement.

Most clubs had grazed the European player market again before the season term. Racing Paris was mainly find in Austria, Sochaux in England, Nîmes in Czechoslovakia - and in particular coached by René Dedieu FC Sète had been able to perfectly complete by two Hungarians, external rotor Márton Bukovi and shock striker István Lukács. The striker tandem Lukács / Beck made ​​sure that the team from the Hérault after ten days was able to record the game already 40 results. Nevertheless - and despite their invincibility in the home stadium ( eleven wins and two draws) - Sète had not been able to sell critical of its main competitors: Marseille, Lille Fives and keep their own chances almost to the last game. Olympique Marseille even was close to end of the season at the top and could have won the title on its own. On 25th and 26th Round, however, the team coached by Vincent Dittrich lost their games - even at taillight CA Paris - but had a game in front of their own discharge; it Olympique Excelsior Roubaix subject surprisingly 2:4. At this time the FC Sète already stayed at a friendly match tour in French North Africa, and the team learned from the radio that they had won the championship and in addition also the Doublé; because Sète had early May 1934, already won the National Cup - the final against Marseille. OM forgave himself as the runner-up; who went to the SC Fives, which thus could be the big local rivals and reigning champions Lille Olympique behind.

In the lower third of the table, however, there was relatively early clarity; OGC Nice Paris and CA were significantly distant and had to dismount in the Division 2. From this topped with Red Star Olympique, Olympique Alès and FC Mulhouse on three "returnees" as well as Erstliganeuling Racing Strasbourg; the Division 1 was increased to 16 teams for season 1934/35.

TV = title defenders

Players of the Master

During the season, 29 players had been used: Bali Forth, Yvan Beck, Ali Benouna, Márton Bukovi, Cabanes, Capelle, Louis Cazal, André Chardar, Cleron, Charles Cros, Dougali, Yves Dupont, Edwards, René Franques, Louis Gabrillargues Vincent Gasco, Haussaire, Joseph Hillier, Leitner, René Llense, López, Xavier Lucibello, István Lukács, Marcel Miquel, Mitrovic, Jules Monsallier, Prega, Rivera, Sagnier

Sète 69 goals scored: Lukács 28, Beck 14, Monsallier 9, Cros 8, Benouna 6; this came four own goals.

Most successful goal scorers

With a total of 820 goals in 182 matches, there was an exceptionally high average of 4.51 goals per game.