1934–35 French Division 1

The season 1934/35 was the third staging of the professional French football Division 1 By winning the championship by FC Sochaux while there was also the third titleholder.

Were eligible to the clubs who had not completed the preseason worse than 12th place, and the four newly promoted from the second division; the league had been increased from 14 to 16 participants before the season starts. Thus, in this season the following teams played for the title:

  • Three clubs from the far north ( Lille Olympique SC Fives, Excelsior AC Roubaix )
  • Two from Paris (Racing, promoted Red Star Olympique )
  • One from the northwest ( Stade Rennes UC)
  • Three from the Northeast (FC Sochaux and the two promoted FC Mulhouse and Racing Strasbourg )
  • Seven from the Mediterranean region ( defending champion FC Sète, SO Montpellier, Olympique Alès climber, SC Nîmes, Olympique Marseille, AS Cannes, FC Antibes ).

First match was 25-26. August 1934, the last date being set May 12, 1935; however, took place nor individual Postponed matches until May 26. A " winter break " did not exist; also the 25th and December 30th were complete game days.

History, results and tables

It was the two- point rule; case of a tie, the goal difference was the decisive factor for the placement. The Association also had a restriction on the use of foreigners has, of which no team was allowed to use more than three in a game.

To the Championship there was the duel between two outstanding teams, the Division 1 -dominated almost at will, in the near- beginning of the season no other team - could intervene - not even Sète, which had won in the previous year the Doublé. The FC Sochaux and the strong climbers from Strasbourg led here almost in lockstep the table, kidnapped in the two matches between the respective points of the opponent's stadium - the top game on the Meinau in March 1935 wanted to see more than 25,000 spectators - and differed from the " rest" of the league only in nuances: Sochaux was abroad a little more, got there 25 out of 30 possible points, Strasbourg only 21; it gave the Alsatian private place, only four points off, while the players from the Franche- Comté seven. And although the attack range of Sochaux was noticeably more accurate, lasted until well into December Strasbourg at the top; then, however, the picture was reversed and Sochaux were no longer from first place. Even the 3:7 home defeat against Antibes on the third and the 1:2 Lille in the penultimate round left Strasbourg approaching only again, but no longer go by.

The second Alsatian newbie, FC Mulhouse, hit very respectable sixth in the final standings, had, among other things Marseille and Lille behind while with Montpellier and Nîmes - clearly defeated bottom of the table - two other founding members of the Football League the transition to the second division had to play. They were replaced the next season by newly promoted U.S. Valenciennes Anzin and CS Metz.

TV = title holder, A = Up

Players of the Master

(: Number of point games in brackets): During the season, following 21 players had been used André Abegglen (28) Roger Courtois (27 ), Pedro Duhart (26 ), Dumas ( 2), Louis Finot (28 ), Germain ( 3 ), Albert Gougain (23) Roger Hug ( 4), Jacquier ( 3), Gabriel Lalloué (26 ), Maxime Lehmann ( 30), Magnien ( 1), André Maschinot (17 ), Étienne Mattler (30 ), Leslie Miller ( 16), Conrad Ross ( 20), Saint- Maurice ( 2 ), Jean Sarrieux ( 2), Jeno Szabo (10 ), Willy Wagner ( 30), Bernard Williams ( 2)

Sochaux '94 goals scored: Abegglen 30, 29 Courtois, Duhart 11, Finot 9, Miller 6, Maschinot 4, Lalloué, Sarrieux, Williams each 1; came to two own goals.

Most successful goal scorers

With a total of 940 goals in 240 matches, there was an average of 3.9 goals per game.