1935–36 French Division 1

The season 1935/36, was the fourth staging of the professional French football Division 1 champion was the Racing Club Paris.

Were eligible to the clubs who had not completed the preseason worse than in 14th place, and the two newly promoted from the second division, U.S. Valenciennes Anzin and CS Metz. Thus, in this season the following teams played for the title:

  • Four clubs from the far north ( Excelsior AC Roubaix, Lille Olympique, the SC Fives and U.S. Valenciennes Anzin )
  • Two from Paris (Racing Club, Red Star Olympique )
  • Four from the Northeast ( defending champion FC Sochaux, Mulhouse FC, ​​Racing Strasbourg, Metz CS )
  • One from the northwest ( Stade Rennes UC),
  • Five from the Mediterranean region (FC Sète, Olympique Alès, Olympique Marseille, AS Cannes and Antibes FC ).

First match was August 22, 1935, last day of play May 24, 1936 The official " winter break " lasted from December 26 to January 19 -. However, Lille and Ales had agreed to discharge their game on December 29.

History, results and tables

It was the two- point rule; case of a tie, the goal difference was the decisive factor for the placement.

The season started with a bang, as the defending champion Sochaux the climbers from Valenciennes dismantled with 12:1, a result that has remained the largest margin of victory in league history to the present day (2012 ). But violations, particularly the prevented from " Trello Abegglen ", and a wake competition, that the " work self " by Peugeot with the company logo in the club crest ( les Lionceaux ) at an early stage could be discontinued. So also Sète, Roubaix and Lille alternated during the first round from top of the table. After the winter break, it was the Alsatian from Strasbourg who were entitled to take legitimate hopes for a title win in the face of up to three points. Then, however, saw the arrival of the Racing Club from the capital. There coach Sid Kimpton had introduced the WM system, and the team also had the players to implement it. At first glance, due to the rather unattractive man coverage, Racing proved at the end with 81 goals scored, that it could be played quite successful and handsome. This goalkeeper Hiden had refused to end of February, to fulfill his contract, was even moved back to Vienna and had to be replaced during the first 22 point games by Roux. On the third to last match Paris abducted by a hit Mathes points of the Meinau and also benefited from the fact that the remaining title rival Strasbourg and Lille and then continue schwächelten. After the club president Jean- Bernard Lévy of had already won the Cup final in early May, Racing Paris champion and second Doublé winner was determined by the FC Sète 1934. In the bottom half of the table to Mulhouse, Red Star, Valenciennes and Alès proved to be too unstable. Here, too, was only on the last day the decision, and the razor-thin: Red Star kept only the slightly better goal difference from relegation. For the following season, 1936/37, Valenciennes and Alès were replaced by the Zweitdivisionäre FC Rouen and Racing Roubaix. Thus, the industrial city of the Belgian border was next to the neighboring Lille, the second, had two clubs in footballing upper house of France.

TV = title holder, A = Up

Players of the Master

During the season, following 21 players had been used (in brackets: number of point games): Maurice Banide (26) Bohé (4) Branca ( 4), Raymond Couard ( 1), Roger Couard (22 ), Edmond Delfour ( 30), Raoul Diagne (28 ), Maurice Dupuis (11) Fournis ( 1), Marcel Galey (3 ), Jean Gautheroux ( 8), Rudolf Hiden ( 8), Auguste Jordan ( 30), Frederick Kennedy ( 29) Jules Mathé (12 ), Robert Mercier ( 18), Henri Ozenne (11 ), Francis Roux (22 ), Roland Schmitt ( 18), Émile Veinante (27 ), Aleksandar Zivkovic ( 7)

Racing's 81 goals were scored by: Roger Couard 23, Kennedy 19, Mercier 8, Ozenne 8, Mathé 7, Zivkovic 5, Veinante 4, Jordan 3, Delfour 2, Bohé 1, plus an own goal

Most successful goal scorers

With a total of 913 goals in 240 matches, there was an average of 3.8 goals per game.