1936 Grand Prix season

In the Grand Prix season in 1936 for the first time the political turmoil of the late interwar period came to fruition. Italy was confronted after the invasion of Ethiopia with sanctions imposed by the League of Nations and so forbade Mussolini Italian pilots later to compete in France or the UK. Social tensions and strikes ensured that the Belgian Grand Prix and the 24 - hour race at Le Mans were deleted. Sporty engine the season of Auto Union was dominated, which presented a new car with the Auto Union C- type. Top riders of this team was Rosemeyer, the European champion was also, next drove Stuck, Varzi and some others. Mercedes -Benz (among other with the drivers Caracciola, von Brauchitsch and Fagioli ) experienced a disastrous season and retired at the end of the year, to promote the development of the new car. Alfa Romeo with the top drivers Tazio Nuvolari was able to achieve some notable successes.

In addition to the Grands Prix listed in this article took place in 1936, yet instead of many smaller, national race.

Race Results

GP of Monaco

Pouring rain at the GP of Monaco on April 13, 1936 caused a fail- packed race. Mercedes driver Caracciola surprised with a race tactics without a pit stop competition and won against two car Unions. He was once again lived up to its reputation as the proverbial "Rain Master ".

GP of Tripoli

Just a day after Italy 's annexation of Ethiopia celebrated, found on May 10, 1936 in Mellaha in the former Italian colony of Libya, the Grand Prix of Tripoli instead. The German race director had received from the state top secret instructions that, if possible, an Italian should win the race. Auto Union race director Feuereissen provided with confusing instructions that the Italians Varzi Hans Stuck on the last lap even managed to overtake - the pilots both knew nothing about it. Varzi was massacred in connection to the public, may be this was one of the triggers for his drug problem, which ensured that he could hardly deny race before the war.

GP of Tunis

A week after the Grand Prix of Tripoli was held the Grand Prix of Tunis, on 17 May 1936. It was a black day for Auto Union: Varzi had a terrible accident, which he survived unharmed by a miracle and Rosemeyer vehicle burned after a defect completely. So could Mercedes driver Caracciola gain a convincing victory.

Penya Rhin GP

The Penya Rhin GP was held at the Circuit de Montjuïc on June 7, 1936 in Barcelona. Tazio Nuvolari played on the narrow, twisty track driving skills fully and won the German cars could not exploit their power advantage, Rosemeyer was also thrown back by a long pit stop.


The Eifel Race at the Nürburgring on June 14, 1936 served to prepare for the later take place in the Grand Prix of Germany. In the dense fog Rosemeyer was able to achieve an impressive victory, which earned him the name " fog Master " (according to the Caracciola's nickname "Rain Master "). Mercedes had nothing to do with the decision, its vehicles fell out or were far back.

GP of Hungary

For the first time the Hungarian Grand Prix was held, namely on 21 June 1936 on a narrow, winding path in Nepliget Park in Budapest. 100,000 viewers watched an eventful race in which the Mercedes vehicles all turned out and Alfa - pilot Nuvolari celebrated an impressive win in front of the car of the Auto Union.

GP of Germany

Around 350,000 spectators were present at the GP of Germany on 26 July 1936 on the Nürburgring. The race brought the Mercedes team again a heavy defeat, the vehicles had to contend with all the major technical problems. Superior winner was Bernd Rosemeyer, who won his teammate Stuck with just under 4 minutes ahead.

Coppa Ciano

The Coppa Ciano took place on a 7 km stretch in Livorno on August 2, 1936. Mercedes let out the race to improve its vehicles, the Auto Union was launched with three vehicles, but could not intervene in the decision for the win. To the delight of the audience led Nuvolari, who took over after his car early exit Pintcudas, to a triple success of Alfa Romeo.

Coppa Acerbo

The Mercedes team had also won the Coppa Acerbo on August 15, 1936 at the Circuito di Pescara to Pescara. In the race, initially led Nuvolari, after his resignation due to a technical fault nobody the success of the Auto Union could prevent. With over 40 ° heat Rosemeyer won superior projection with over 7 minutes.

GP of Switzerland

Switzerland's GP was held on 23 August 1936 on the route Bremgarten near Bern. Mercedes believed to have gotten its problems with the vehicles in the handle and stepped up to four vehicles. However, only one was knocked off the finish, and Mercedes then announced his retirement for the rest of the season. Auto Union reached a triple victory, again Rosemeyer was the winner.

GP of Italy

At the Italian Grand Prix on September 13, 1936 which was held in Monza, Bernd Rosemeyer confirmed its role as favorites and secured with a victory winning the European Championship, only Tazio Nuvolari could ask him something at the start of the race. Fortunately, Hans Stuck, who escaped a serious accident almost without injury.

Final Championship

Only the Grands Prix of Monaco, Germany, Switzerland and Italy belonged to the Grand Prix championship. European champion Bernd Rosemeyer.

Scoring: There was 1 point for the winner, 2 points for the second and 3 points for the third party. 4-7 points was awarded to the driver who drove at least 75 %, 50 %, 25 % and less than 25% of the race distance. 8 points received all who have the race not contested.