1938–39 French Division 1

The season 1938/39, was the seventh staging of the professional French football Division 1 and also the last before a six-year, war-related disruption. The championship was won by FC Sète for the second time after 1934.

Were eligible to the clubs who had not completed the preseason worse than in 14th place, and the two newly promoted from the second division. Thus, in this season the following teams played for the title:

  • Five clubs from the far north ( Lille Olympique and the SC Fives, from Excelsior Roubaix and Racing, to Racing Lens )
  • Three from Paris and Normandy (Racing Paris, Rouen, Le Havre AC Movers )
  • Three from the Northeast ( defending champion FC Sochaux, Racing Strasbourg, FC Metz),
  • Five from the southeast (FC Sète, Olympique Marseille, AS Cannes, Antibes FC, ​​newly promoted AS Saint -Étienne ).

Nine of these 16 teams were among the founding members of the League, which until then had been included continuously in her, Antibes, Cannes, Fives, Lille, Marseille, Paris, EAC Roubaix, Sète and Sochaux.

History, results and tables

It was the two- point rule; case of a tie, the goal difference was the decisive factor for the placement.

In the first round of the quartet favored even before this season ex- champions Marseille, Sète, Lille and Paris was consistently close together at the top, for which purpose League newcomer joined Saint -Étienne. Surprisingly, the defending champion Sochaux counted not only not on this circle, but stood for many weeks with only two first round victories even in the relegation zone. It took until the middle of the season, then adopted Olympique Lille - until Christmas 1938 even leaders - be the first from among the title contenders, followed by Saint- Étienne, while the remaining three teams could pull away any of their competitors. Only in May then the decision was made as Sète rolled over the freshly baked cup winners from Paris equal to 5-0 and Marseille afforded a defeat in Strasbourg, whereby the FC Sète celebrated as the second club after FC Sochaux last year his second championship. Sochaux had can still work your way up to sixth place by an impressive second round after all.

In the relegation zone occurred in the last third of the season to a three-way battle between Rouen, Antibes and Racing Roubaix, where it was clear the first relegated Roubaix, while the other counterparty knew until after the last game and only with the aid of the slide rule, that with FC Antibes another founding member of the League had lost its excellence. From the second division Red Star Olympique and Stade Rennes UC went on; However, it took more than six years before they could again deny a point game in Division 1 in August 1945. The unmistakable sign of the World War had already led the way in September 1938 to the fact that most teams had to play with a better Reserveelf a military exercise due to the numerous professionals were convened.

TV = title holder, A = Up

Players of the Master

During the season, following 20 players had been used (in brackets: number of point games): Doménec Balmanya (28 ), Marcel Bertrand ( 5), Michel Brusseaux (30 ), Charles ( 7), Clarenc [e [ Cros !] ] (6 ), Daho (3 ), Pierre Danzelle (28) Darmon (6 ), Escola (17 ), Raymond Francois (21 ), René Franques (24) Dezsõ Korányi (29 ), Charles Laurent (29) François Mercier ( 26) Pellegrino (25 ), Salhi (2 ), Roland Schmitt ( 26) Simon ( 3), Teyssonnier ( 5), Vassas ( 3)

Who Sète scored 65 hits, is not fully represented in the literature; only for Korányi (27) and Pellegrino (12 ) there exists an exact specification.

Most successful goal scorers

With a total of 766 goals in 240 matches, there was an average of 3.2 goals per game.