1945–46 Czechoslovak Extraliga season

The season 1945/46, the first league was the third regular host of the highest Hockey Class of Czechoslovakia. With a 3-1 victory, the LTC Prague sat in the final game against by the I. ČLTK Prague and thus won the third edition of the first league. For the capital city, it was already her eighth in total Czechoslovak championship. As in the last season before the Second World War the title was played out in a national league with two groups.


As in the last time the played at the national level season 1937/38, the league was played in two groups, with the participation of seven decreased to six. Since each team played against each group opponent once, the total number of matches per team was five games in the main round. The two group winners qualified for the finals for the title.


Group A

Group B


In the final match finally won the winner of the A group, the LTC Prague, 3-1 against city neighbors I. ČLTK Prague by. Best scorer of the league was Vladimír Kobranov from I. ČLTK Prague, who scored ten goals in the six games of his team.

Champion Team of LTC Prague

1st League qualifier

The teams of SK Slavia Horacka Třebíč, SK Liben and TKNB Bratislava played in a simple round for admission to the first league for the following season. Here, the first two sat with four or two points by in front of the point-less team from Bratislava and were enrolled in the first league.