1948–49 Czechoslovak Extraliga season

The season 1948/49, the first league was the sixth regular hosting of the highest Hockey Class of Czechoslovakia. With seven wins and a total of 14 points, the LTC Prague prevailed significantly and thus also won the sixth edition of the first league. For the capital city, it was already her eleventh overall Czechoslovak championship.


In contrast to the previous season, the league was held not in groups, but in a common main round of teams. By the descent of the last per group, the total number of teams was reduced to eight. Since each team played against each group opponent once, but the total number of matches per team was seven games and thus two more than last year in the main round. Master was the main round first, by the resolution of the two groups accounted for the decider. The two last- placed teams from rose.


Before the season 1948/49, the ice hockey team of the army sports club ATK Prague was recorded without athletic skills in the first league. Therefore, the HC Podolí was expelled from the league and broke up.

Best scorer of the league was player-coach Vladimír Zábrodský from LTC Prague, who scored 19 goals in the seven games of his team.

Champion Team of LTC Prague

1st League qualifier

The teams of ZSJ GZ Královo Pole, ZSJ Vítkovické Zelezarny, Meteor České Budějovice and ZSJ Slavia Pardubice played in a simple round for admission to the first league for the following season. Here, the first two set with four points each by the same number of points before Meteor and the point-less Pardubice.