1950 Indianapolis 500

The 34th Indianapolis 500 was held on May 30, 1950 held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and was the third scoring run of the Drivers' Championship this year.


In the first 11 years (1950 - 1960) of the automotive world championship included the 500 miles of Indianapolis with the drivers' championship. This, however, had neither to the one nor to the other side significant impact on the race. Hardly a European driver showed up in Indianapolis and vice versa. Even the dates of the race did not start to mutual mostly.


The qualification system of the 500 miles of Indianapolis differs significantly from the usual method in Europe. Overall, 76 riders for the 33 starting places trying to qualify. On the first day of qualifying, May 13, Walt Faulkner presented a new lap record ( 218.892 km / h ), which he secured the pole position. The second best time secured Cecil Green ( 213.898 km / h ), but he started only 12 grid position since he drove his time on another day of qualifying.

Race course

To start, the weather was overcast, but dry. The quickest in Faulkner won the start, from the first round but returned Rose back as the leader. Faulkner dropped back to fourth place. The best start succeeded Russo, who started from the seventh row and was in fourth place after 8 rounds. On lap 10 Johnnie Parsons took over the leadership of Rose and initially drew them to the field. In the 33rd round Rose was able to catch back and take the lead for even one round. After Parsons was ahead again and increased the lead to 5 seconds. At positions behind Jack McGrath launched a comeback that took him up to second place, past rose. As Parsons stopped on lap 105 for the first time, McGrath and Rose followed him, so Bill Holland took the lead. At the pit stop of Rose started his vehicle fire when fuel dripping on the hot exhaust. However, the fire was quickly extinguished. Rose was unhurt and was able to continue the race even. Even before its stop Parsons Holland was able to overtake again. After that, the weather deteriorated rapidly and the first drops of rain forced McGrath to a spin in Turn 3 The race director was forced to cancel the race it. Only Parsons was able to complete the 138th lap and won so with one lap in the shortened race against Holland and Rose.

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Standings after the race

The first five were 8, 6, 4, 3, 2 ​​points; one point there was for the fastest lap. There are only the four best results from seven races. *) Contains the point for the fastest lap, the same color marked fields represent vehicle acquisition ( split points) and values ​​in parentheses are void results.