1952–53 Czechoslovak Extraliga season

The season 1952/53, the first League was the tenth regular hosting of the highest Hockey Class of Czechoslovakia. With nine points in the final final tournament the TJ Spartak Praha Sokolovo prevailed. For the capital city, it was their first Czechoslovakian league title at all.


In contrast to the previous season, the number of participants of the three main round groups was increased from six teams to seven. Due to the implementation of the outgoing and return within the groups thus the total number of matches per team was 12 games in the main round. The top two teams from each group qualified for the final Final tournament held in a simple round and the winner champion. In addition, the teams that had completed the main round in their respective groups in the squares 3 and 4 the tournament for places 7 to 12 The number of participants should be reduced again next season eligible, rose the two last of the group A and C, and the last of the group B from.

Group A

Group B

Group C

Places 7-12


Best scorer of the league was like last year Miroslav Kluc from ZSJ Hutě Chomutov, who scored 33 goals in his 17 games of his team.

Champion team of ZSJ Sparta Prague CKD Sokolovo