1952–53 French Division 2

The season 1952/53, was the 14th staging of the professional French football Division 2 second-division champion Toulouse FC.

Were eligible to the 14 clubs that were after the previous season went not into the first division have their license - had given up - voluntarily or forced. There were also two Erstligaabsteiger and two freshmen who had assumed professional status.

Thus, in this season, the following 18 teams played for the championship of Division 2:

  • A team from the far north (U.S. Valenciennes Anzin )
  • Three from Paris and the Champagne (CA Paris, newcomer Red Star Olympique, AS Troyes - Savinienne )
  • Two from the Northeast ( relegated Racing Strasbourg, Franc- Comtois Besançon Racing Club )
  • Three from the West (FC Rouen, Nantes, Angers SCO ),
  • Nine from the south (Toulouse FC, ​​FC Grenoble, relegated Lyon, Perpignan newcomer FC, ​​AS Béziers, Olympique Alès, SC Toulon, AS Cannes, AS Monaco).

A direct ascent and descent depending on the sporting result achieved it had before the Second World War only given between first and second professional division; then a descent was introduced in the third- highest division for several years, but was no longer 1952/53, in force. In addition, a Zweitdivisionär could stay if he gave his license or has been taken from him. Existing amateur teams, however, could continue only for the following season ascend to Division 2 when they were given permission by the relevant association FFF to accept professional status. In addition there was a relegation this season between the lowest ranked first division, the descent directly, and the best, not directly climb legitimate second division.

Course of the season and Table

Each team wore against each group opponent a back and a leg off, even before a home crowd and once away. It was the two- point rule; case of a tie, the goal difference was the decisive factor for the placement. In France, the number of plus points is called when specifying the point ratio exclusively; Again, this is done in Germany in the days of the 2- point rule usual notation.

At an early stage a three-way battle developed at the top of the two direct ascent places where no other team was able to intervene and remained exciting until the end of the season. With Toulouse and Monaco finally put in an extremely close finish by the two counterparties with the successful attack and the best defensive lines; but also in third place, relegated Strasbourg, was scored during the subsequent relegation to return to the top flight ( see below). Of the two newcomers surprised the FC Perpignan - a team from a rugby stronghold - with his midfield place positive, while the ambitious " Audoniens " Red Star could only leave the team from Alès behind it, which already in the previous season and with had also only 17 plus points graced the end of the table.

In the 306 matches 967 goals were scored; which corresponded to an average of just 3.2 goals per game and was only marginally above the weakest level since inception of the second division, situated in the 1949/50 season. The top scorer won as in the previous year, a Swede, this time the Toulouse attacker Bror Mellberg with 27 goals.

After the season not a club gave up his professional status. For the following season, the association granted in addition to the AS Aix and the UA Sedan- Torcy a license; from the Division 1 were added Racing Paris, SO Montpellier and the losers Relegation Stade Rennais UC, so that the second division should then be held with 20 participants.

(A) = relegated from Division 1; (N) = newbie

Relegation round

Since this time only ever a first and Zweitdivisionär fought for an additional place in the " footballing upper house " of France, there were only two play-off matches between them, both of which were played on neutral ground. Racing Strasbourg decided 4-0 and 3-1 both Barrages against Stade Rennes UC in his favor, and returned after only one year in the Division 1.