1953–54 FDGB-Pokal

With the fdgb Football Cup Competition 1952/54 a cup winner was determined in the GDR for the fourth time.

The fourth cup competition was linked to the Cup season 1952/53, which was canceled after two qualifying rounds and the first main round in June 1953 due to the uprising of 17 June 1953. It all began the competition with 84 teams from the district leagues and district classes of the 15 - DDR districts. After two qualifying rounds, the first main round was played with 64 teams on June 7, 1953. Among them were the remaining 21 district representatives, came to the 26 teams from the second-rate DDR League and 17 teams from the DDR - Oberliga. In the spring of 1954, the second main round, which had been drawn in 1953, was re- drawn and executed on 25 April 1954.

In the second round of the league 13 teams had already been eliminated, with chemistry Apolda and activist Welzow still two district division were represented, for here was but the last stop. Surprisingly came with Empor Wurzen -West, Zeitz Chemical and Vorwärts Berlin three second division to the last four. The Berlin Army football players, as climbers already fixed, and Oberliga Motor Zwickau eventually reached the final.

2 Main Round

(25 April 1954)

Second round

( 16./19. May 1954 )


(23 May 1954)


(2 June 1954)



Game History

In the duel of the Oberliga Motor Zwickau against the second division ZSK Vorwärts Berlin, the army footballer translated by surprise. However, Berlin had already been demonstrated with her three internationals Eilitz, Scherbaum and Cheerful in the last season of the DDR -Liga their qualities with a sovereign promotion to the Oberliga, the Zwickau would have had to be warned. However, you came through an early goal of the Berlin veteran Rudolf Mitzschke in the hindquarters, while the fast guide the forward crew gave security in their own ranks. This also came through the ten minutes later achieved Zwickau compensation by the 20 -year-old Werner Baumann not falter. Also in the second half of Zwickau their favorite role could not meet. Against the attentive Berlin Defence, in the next Eilitz with Marotzke was another future national team, the West Saxons succeeded no further hits. The gate to the Cup win once again achieved a veteran of Berlin. Eleven minutes from time transformed the 28 -year-old Heinz Fröhlich a foul penalty.