1953–54 French Division 1

The season 1953/54, was the 16th staging of the professional French football Division 1 champion of Lille, who won his third title since 1933.

Were eligible to the clubs who had not completed the preseason worse than on the 15th place, and two direct promoted from the second division and the winner of the relegation matches between first division 16th Third and second division. Thus, in this season the following teams played for the title:

  • Three clubs from the far north ( Lille, CO Roubaix - Tourcoing, Racing Lens )
  • Two from Paris and the Champagne ( Stade Français, defending champions Stade Reims )
  • One from the northwest ( Le Havre AC),
  • Four from the Northeast (FC Metz FC Nancy, FC Sochaux, intermediate Racing Strasbourg )
  • Two from the southwest ( Girondins Bordeaux, Toulouse FC Movers )
  • Six from the southeast (AS Saint- Étienne, FC Sète, Olympique Nîmes, Olympique Marseille, OGC Nice, newly promoted AS Monaco).

First match was August 23, 1953, last day of play May 16, 1954 A winter break did not exist.; Rather was also played between the years.

History, results and tables

It was the two- point rule; case of a tie, the goal difference was the decisive factor for the placement.

The best came titleholder Reims - over the entire season away from home (only two defeats, but nine wins ) than on home soil - and last year's third Bordeaux into the season, which became known as the " strange " and " highly dramatic " in the annals. Lille, however, heaped first predominantly draw on; the later masters proved offensive to be relatively weak on implementation, but had an almost insurmountable defenses. Seven games before the end led Bordeaux the table still with a supposedly comforting lead, then opened a 1:4 defeat against relegated Le Havre an exciting finale at the fourth last game beat Lille Bordeaux, which Reims, the laughing third party temporarily top of the table with two points projection conquered. After the penultimate round, all three opponents were tied because Lille won in Reims and Bordeaux in Toulouse - the Movers had the only team able to maintain contact with approximately Führungstroika - had lost. The 34th Round saw the direct duel between Bordeaux and Reims, the tie parted, while Lille had taken the decisive step to the title with a win over Nancy, although the LOSC already passed a point in view of the result of the counterparty and considerably better goal would.

At the bottom, topped with Sète from the third last, continuously represented in the Division 1 League founding member, accompanied by Le Havre. In the discharged after the season Barrages of 16 against the third Division 2 it came to the " brother fight capital clubs," in the Racing prevailed against Stade Français. For this purpose, qualified as a direct climber for next season Olympique Lyon and AS Troyes - Savinienne.

TV = title holder, A = Direct Movers, A = promoted via the play-offs

Players of the Master

During the season under coach André Cheuva were the following 20 players been used (in brackets: number of point games): Jean baratte ( 4), Guillaume Bieganski (31 ), Gérard Bourbotte (14 ), Roland Clauws (2 ), Jean -Paul Desrousseau (19) Yvon Douis (25 ), Jean -Pierre Knayer (6 ), Christian Lagon ( 2), Bernard Lefèvre (26 ), Robert Lemaître (30 ), Antoine Pazur (27 ), Edmond Plewa (9 ), André Pottier ( 3), César Ruminski (34 ), Marceau Somerlinck (34 ), André Strappe (33 ), Jacques van Cappelen (12 ), Cor van der Hart (31 ), Jean Vincent ( 31), Étienne Wesolek ( 1)

For a complete list of shooters from Lille 49 hits does not exist in the present literature. Besides placed in the scoring charts Strappe particular Douis was involved. Never before, however, a team had been at such a low number of goals French Championship, from the hit average per game her self in the season 1932/33, not when the Master had to deliver only 19 matches.

Most successful goal scorers

With a total of 949 goals in 306 matches, there was an average of 3.1 goals per game.