1955–56 European Cup

The European Cup of Champions 1955/56, was the first edition of this on the initiative of journalist Gabriel Hanot materialize -down ( from the French L' Equipe sports daily ) competition in football. 16 club teams took part, usually the respective national champion of the previous season; this was authentic but only from 1957 / 58th The Dutch Association reported thus not the " professional footballer " Holland sport, but Philips Eindhoven. From England absolutely no team took shape under the pressure of the league, which probably feared the competition for the audience 's favor, in part, although champions FC Chelsea was extremely interested in the preliminary discussions. The Soviet Union also took part - with reference to the tight game plans because of the long Russian winter - not until 1967 at the Masters Cup.

The participants played apart from the final in pure Cup mode with home and away matches for the crown of European club football. Case of a tie, there was a playoff on neutral ground. In the first round, the 16 participating teams were allowed to decide in free agreement, against whom they competed - and that worked in Europe during the Cold War: So it was among other things to the encounter between clubs from socialist Yugoslavia and the fascist Portugal, although their governments no diplomatic relations were talking to each other. The lot shall only from the quarter-final match pairings.

The final was held on 13 June 1956 at the Parc des Princes stadium in Paris before 38,000 spectators instead. Real Madrid won 4-3 against Stade Reims for the first time this trophy. Most goals scored by Milos Milutinovic Partizan Belgrade with eight goals. The first player, who scored in this competition at least three goals in a game was Péter Vörös Palotás of Lobogo ( Red Banner, better known under the historic name of MTK Budapest) at 6:3 over Anderlecht.

First round

The first legs were held from September 4 to November 1, the return matches from October 12 to November 23, 1955 instead.


The first legs were of 23 November 1955 to 18 January 1956 the return legs on 28 November 1955 to 12 February 1956 performed.


The first legs took place on 4./19. April 1956, the return legs on 18 April / 1 May 1956 instead.


Top scorers