1958–59 French Division 1

The season 1958/59 was the 21st staging of the professional French football Division 1 champion OGC Nice, who won his fourth title since 1951.

Were eligible to the clubs who had not completed the previous season worse than 16th place, plus four newly promoted from the second division. Thus, in this season the following teams played for the title:

  • Three clubs from the far north (Racing Lens, U.S. Valenciennes Anzin, Lille OSC ),
  • Three from Paris or Champagne- Ardenne (Racing Paris, defending champions Stade Reims, UA Sedan- Torcy )
  • Three from the Northeast (FC Sochaux and the two promoted FC Nancy, Racing Strasbourg )
  • Three from the West (SCO Angers and the two newly promoted Stade Rennes UC, FC Limoges )
  • Eight from the south (AS Saint -Etienne, Olympique Lyon, Toulouse FC, ​​Olympique Alès, Olympique Nîmes, Olympique Marseille, OGC Nice, AS Monaco).

First match was August 17, 1958, last day of play May 31, 1959. A " winter break, " there was only a week into the new year.

History, results and tables

It was the two- point rule; case of a tie, the goal difference was the decisive factor for the placement.

Paris presented a sensational start to the season before, was still undefeated after 16 rounds and played particularly spectacular in the offensive. Head of the team was the "old engineer Joseph Ujlaki " and " enforcers storm " Thadée Cisowski, who in league history for the third time won the top scorer as the first player. Then the "Penguins" did a home defeat against Sochaux, and the symbolic fall of champion titles conquered Nice.. 's Side of the Côte d' Azur, in the two previous league only 13 had undergone a personnel upheaval and formed a mixture of veterans and " hungry boy "; In the second half of the OGC did not lose a single game on enemy locations, and against the groups he afforded his only point loss during the entire season in the penultimate round ( 0-3 against Angers), as winning the championship had already been decided. So Nice also let the two pre-season to the main favorites explained team behind Nimes had to despite an impressively combative style of play and a dangerous, Moroccan - German striker duo ( Akesbi / Skiba ) be satisfied again with the runner-up, while the reigning champion Reims, as already three years earlier, seemed to have invested a large part of his force in its successful course in European competition and thus failed for the fourth time in a title defense.

At the bottom, Nancy had - the only climber - and Alès the top flight leave; accompanied them were two " former heavyweights of French football ": Lille continued his "trembling and lift seasons " of recent times continued, while Marseille " the price of a missed purchasing policy paid " and the last founding member of the Division 1 the following season for the first time since 1932, no longer belonged to this circle. These four clubs were replaced by Stade Français Paris, SC Toulon, Bordeaux and Le Havre the AC, second-division champion and the first unterklassiger club in the competition story winner of the national cup.

TV = title holder, A = Up

Players of the Master

During the season, following 15 players were under coach Jean Luciano been used (in brackets: number of point games): Jean -Pierre Alba ( 31), Omar Barrou (23 ), André Chorda (32 ), Alain Cornu (30 ), Jacques Faivre (15 ), François Ferry " Koczur " (34 ), Jacques Foix (38 ), César Hector Gonzalès (36 ), Georges Lamia (38 ), Alphonse Martinez ( 12), François Milazzo ( 31) Alberto Muro ( 36) Victor Nurenberg (37 ), Vincent Scanella ( 24), René Vergé ( 1)

The shooters of Nice 80 hits can not be completely determined from the available literature; exactly known, the figures only for Foix (18 ), Muro and Nurenberg (both 16).

Most successful goal scorers

With a total of 1261 hits in 380 matches, there was an average of 3.3 goals per game.