1963–64 European Cup

The European Cup of Champions 1963/64, was the ninth edition of the competition. 31 club teams participated, including 30 national champion of the previous season and with AC Milan, the defending champion.

The participants played in the Cup mode with pure (except for the final) round-trip games for the crown of European club football. Case of a tie, there was a playoff on neutral ground. Except for the AC Milan all the clubs started in the first round.

The final took place on 27 May 1964, Prater Stadium in Vienna in front of 72,000 spectators instead. Inter Milan won 3-1 against Real Madrid for the first time the trophy. Common scorers were Vladimir ( Vladica ) Kovačević ( FK Partizan Belgrade ), Sandro Mazzola ( Inter Milan ) and Ferenc Puskas (Real Madrid), each with seven hits.

With Borussia Dortmund, which reached the semifinals, took the last time a value determined in league mode German Champion in part; to 1974 (win by Bayern Munich) was no German team so far.

  • 2.1 decider

Preliminary round

The first legs took place from 11 to 25 September, the return matches from September 25 to October 9, 1963 instead.


The match took place on 9 October 1963.

First round

The first legs were held until November 27, the return legs on 18 November to 4 December 1963 by 6.


The match took place on 11 December 1963.


The first legs were held until March 4, the return matches from February 13 to March 18, 1964 by January 29th.


The first legs took place on April 15, the return legs on April 29 in 1964.


Top scorers