1964–65 European Cup

The European Champions' Cup 1964/65 was the 10th edition of the competition. 31 club teams participated, including 30 national champion of the previous season with Inter Milan, the defending champion.

The participants played in the pure Cup mode (except for the final) round-trip games for the crown of European club football. In Torgleichstand an additional decision game was played. Should there also be a draw after 120 minutes, the game was decided by drawing lots or by tossing a coin. Victim of a decision by flipping coins was in the quarterfinals of the 1st FC Cologne. Cologne had played twice against Liverpool 0-0. In the decider in Rotterdam it was 2-2 after 120 minutes. Heinz Hornig had in the extension shot another goal that was not given. The match took place on deep soil when it rains. The first time you toss the coin in the mud stuck vertically. After the second throw the Liverpool were declared winners. In this playoff, the Cologne defender Wolfgang Weber broke into the 20 minutes a leg and played the game through to the end. At this time there were no substitutions of players.

  • 3.1 decider

Preliminary round

The first legs were held until September 23, the return matches on 9 September to 7 October 1964 by August 17.


The games were held on 4 November/14. Of October 1964.

First round

The first legs were held until November 25, the return legs on 18 November to 16 December 1964 of 4.


The first legs took place from 10 to 24 February, the return matches from 3 to March 17, 1965 instead.


The match took place on 24 March 1965.

Having also ended the replay tie, the decision was made by coin toss.


The first legs took place on April 30 / 4 May the return matches on 6./12. May 1965 instead.


Top scorers


  • The first coin toss of the arbitrator to decide the game, there were no result because the coin stuck vertically in the ground remained.