1965–66 French Division 2

The 1965/66 season was the 27th staging of the professional French football Division 2 second-division champion Stade Reims.

Were eligible to participate, the 13 clubs that were after the previous season went not into the first division have their license - voluntary or otherwise - had submitted; came to a Erstligaabsteiger and five clubs who received a new Professional license for this season.

Thus, in this season following 19 teams played for the championship of Division 2:

  • A team from the far north (U.S. Boulogne )
  • Two from Paris or Champagne (Racing Paris, Stade Reims )
  • Three from the Northeast (U.S. Forbach, FC Metz, Franc- Comtois Besançon Racing Club )
  • Three from the West (AS Cherbourg, FC Limoges, freshman AS Angoulême )
  • Eight from the south (FC Grenoble, AS Béziers, SO Montpellier, the newcomers Olympique Avignon and U.S. Marignane, Olympique Marseille, AS Aix, relegated SC Toulon),
  • Two from Corsica ( the newbies AC Ajaccio and Bastia SEC ).

A direct ascent and descent depending on the sporting result, there was obtained only between the first and second professional division; after the Second World War, a descent was introduced in the third- highest division for several years, in the meantime, however, was no longer in force. A Zweitdivisionär could descend into the case so alone, that he gave his license or has been taken from him. Existing amateur teams, however, could continue only for the following season ascend to Division 2 when they were given permission by the relevant association FFF to accept professional status. This season there was a relegation between the lowest ranked first division, which is not directly descended, and the best, not directly climb legitimate second division.

Course of the season and Table

Each team wore against each group opponent a back and a leg off, even before a home crowd and once away. It was the two- point rule; case of a tie, the goal difference was the decisive factor for the placement. In France, the number of plus points is called when specifying the point ratio exclusively; Again, this is done in Germany in the days of the 2- point rule usual notation. First match was August 22, 1965, last June 12, 1966. Between mid- December and early January, there was a winter break.

The ascent questions remained open almost to the last game before stood firm with Reims and Marseille, the two direct intermediates. And for the relegation places came before the 36th round of a half-dozen candidates in question before about Limoges - as in the pre-season - and professional novice Bastia qualified for it. Reims ' season opener did not suggest that the former " flagship" of French football could play at the top, even if the young team of coach Jonquet around the indestructible Raymond Kopa come up with some more experienced forces such as Antoine Groschulski, in the previous year league top scorer, reinforced had. The node burst until mid- November, when the Red and Whites against Marignane in the second half of a 0-0 or a 8-0 made ​​and only allowed a few slip-ups in the series. Marseille on the other hand, where coaches Zatelli also had a new team must build, lined up almost from the beginning at the top, and finally settled only Reims go by, against Olympique in direct confrontation least three points (2:1 and 2: 2) had brought.

In the " Table cellar " a heterogeneous mixture was made ​​for years weak -performing teams such as Aix and Forbach, a " big name " (Racing Paris ) and two Neoprofiteams (Ajaccio and taillight Marignane ) again.

In the 342 matches 988 goals were scored; which corresponds to an average of 2.9 goals per game. The top scorer Pierre won Ferrazzi from Grenoble with 30 hits. After the season gave Forbach and, after only one year, Marignane their professional status; Racing Paris went with the first division UA Sedan- Torcy under the name Racing Paris - Sedan a merger one. For the following season came with the AS Cannes and Red Star Olympique two relegated from Division 1 added. In addition, the Football Association gave the amateur clubs EAC Chaumont and U.S. Dunkerque, a new professional license, so the second division should then be discharged with 18 participants.

(A) = relegated from Division 1; (N) = newbie

Relegation round

The Zweitdivisionäre contributed each two Barrages against the two participants from the first division of; Matches between teams from the same league so there was not. The top two teams played the following season in Division 1