1968 Major League Baseball Draft

The MLB Draft 1968 was the fourth draft, which was organized by Major League Baseball. In the first place, Tim Foli was selected by the New York Mets.


In the June phase of the MLB Draft in 1968 for the first time were allowed to the four expansion franchises, the Montreal Expos, San Diego Padres, act Kansas City Royals and Seattle Pilots, who started off the 1969 season with the game operation in the Major League Baseball. However, these teams were allowed to go into the draft process until the end of the fourth round.

Thus at this draft, especially the Los Angeles Dodgers proved a lucky hand by Dave Lopes in the second round of the January Drafts, and Bill Bucker in the second round, Joe Ferguson in the sixth round, Tom Paciorek in the 40th round and Doyle Alexander selected in the 42nd round of the June regular draft. Together with Steve Garvey in the first round and Ron Cey in the third round of the second draft phase in June they laid the foundations for success in the National League in the 1970s.


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